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What is a Stop Limit Order?

There are basically three types of order that can be placed in an exchange such as stock exchange, commodity exchange, cryptocurrency exchange etc., In order to know what is stop limit order, you need to understand about the other 2 types (market order& limit order). In this blog post let me explain you on all

Koinex vs Bitbns – A review on 2 major cryptocurrency exchanges in india

When it comes to crypto trading in India there are several options to buy bitcoins or ethereum. Even though there are multiple players they have several shortcomings like a limited number of currency, high fees, low transparency etc., however, there are 2 major players (Koinex and Bitbns) who offer around 15 cryptocurrencies/tokens and still adding

Apollo Microsystems IPO opens on Jan 10, Should you subscribe?

About the company (from prospectus): Apollo Microsystems is an electronic, electromechanical, engineering designs, manufacturing and supplies company. It designs, develops and sells high-performance, mission and time critical solutions to Defence, Space and Home Land Security for Ministry of Defence, government controlled public sector undertakings and private sectors. Its customised solutions are developed using common hardware
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